Who we Are

Avrepilo is Sourashtra community portal aims to connect all the Sourashtrians globally under one roof to communicate, to help each other, to share knowledge and to buy/sell items within community.

How Avrepilo help you?

  • Connect with fellow sourastrians as premium community service member
  • Post jobs and discuss about the profession
  • Discuss start up ideas
  • Offer homemade food to your own community member with affordable pricing
  • Post food reciepes and blogs
  • Order sourastraian food from food providers, chefs and Sourashtra restaurants
  • Post and search house for rent or sale
  • Dedicated classifieds for sourashtra community
  • Pet sitting services
  • Post and search for Online Tution Services from sourashtra teachers
  • Post or search for the news and events

Rules and Regulations to be Avrepilo Member

  • The website login restricted only to Sourashtra community members
  • Your user id will get disabled if you continue posting fake news/events or jobs
  • Your user id will get disabled if you seems to unprofessional or non-genuine
  • You are allowed to upgrade your plans but downgrade is not possible
  • All the users registered information will kept confidential and will not be shared to anyone in the community

Avrepilo Purpose

The purpose is to provide services in the following areas by charging the
nominal monthly fee based on subscription .

Silver Membership (100 INR/month)
  • View Sourashtra Network registered members
  • View Jobs or Referral Jobs posted
  • Apply Jobs
  • Send Friend request
  • Post Job related News or Events
Gold Membership (200 INR/month):
  • All Features in Silver Membership
  • Register as Home Made Food Provider
  • Order Food from Food Providers
  • Post Food Reciepes
  • Post Food related News or Events
Platinum Membership (300 INR/month):
  • All Features in Gold Membership
  • Post House Available for Rent or Sale
  • Buy and Sell Items
  • Post Pet Sitting Services
  • Post Online Tution Services
  • Post News or Events

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